Commercial No. 02


Great freestanding cannabis dispensary with their own parking lot. The facility has a comfortable check-in/waiting lounge, their own grow room, and a wide variety of retail products housed in several different cases. The business is well taken care of, and shoots beautifully.


9,567 sq ft

  • Easily accessed from the freeway
  • Large but modest check-in/waiting lounge
  • Large retail space with multiple glass display cabinets
  • See-through viewing of adjacent, functioning grow room
  • One restroom accessible from the front of the building
  • LA Film Permit
  • Fun location, lots of space, parking, street posting/parking
  • Mats or layout company required
  • 2 on-site managers
  • 2 security
  • 10 day minimum approvals needed for daytime dispensary shut down
  • No weekends.